Friday, March 5, 2010

DJ A.Vee's Mix for DJ Little Maze's DJ Salat Volume 4 (2008)

Hey folks...I dug up this mini-mix I did for my boy DJ Little Maze from Switzerland. Every year he puts together a mix cd made up of twenty 3.5 minute contributions from selected DJ's and artist to make up this "DJ Salad" or "DJ Salat". This particular volume featured DJ Little Maze, myself, DJ Revolution, Haitian Star, Thaid,Rascue, Steve Supreme, Rakaa Iriscience (from Dilated Peoples) to name a few. I know three and a half minutes doesn't seem like a long time, but that was the challenging part of the assignment. Inaddition to that, standing out from the pack or not playing the same generic shit was the other challenge.

To enjoy the 20 DJ mix in its entirety, be sure to pick up DJ Little Maze's DJ Salat Volume 4. Hope you folks enjoy my portion of the CD.

Big shouts to those who looked out with the exclusives for this mix:
DJ Jazzy Jeff, Prince Paul, Bumpy Knuckles, Mahsa Naimi, Big Tona, Dynas, DJ Spinna, & shouts to DJ Little Maze for making me part of Volume #4's line-up.


DJ A.Vee's Mix for DJ Little Maze's DJ Salat Volume 4 (2008):

01 The DJ A.Vee Introduction
02 Dynas - True Dat
03 I.G. Off & Hazadous - Hip Hop Till I Die
04 Bumpy Knuckles - Piped Out
05 Tona - Keep Telling You
06 J Dilla - Say It feat. Ta'Raach
07 J Dilla - Shotgun (Outro)